Saffrons has been producing #goldclassbriyani since 1995. So what better choice to get your aqiqah meat cooked and shared with your relatives, friends and distributed out?

We have designed these packages with you in mind - when you get your aqiqah or qurban done in Australia, we can complement it by cooking it as mutton briyani and sent to you.

Our packages

1/3 sheep - $250 (35 packets of briyani)

2/3 sheep - $500 (70 packets of briyani)

whole sheep - $750 (105 packets of briyani)

These prices are not inclusive of the cost of aqiqah (can enquire with our team on this). Also do take note that aqiqah in Australia will take about 2-3 weeks to perform and have the meat delivered to Singapore.

Do let us know if you are keen, you can contact our team at 89210772 (whatsapp or call)