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Qurban of 1 Sheep in Australia for Palestine


Qurban will be performed on Eid day & Tashreeq days.

Please select if you want 2/3 or all 100% Qurban meat to be sent to Palestine. If you select 2/3, then balance 1/3 will be delivered to you in Singapore. If you select 100%, then all the meat will be sent to Palestine.

Each participant will receive e-Certificate sent via whatsapp / email within 1 month after slaughtering. There are no photos of the qurban performed, in adherence to Australian laws.


Instructions to Place Order:

  1. We do not accept cash upon delivery for qurban order.
  2. Order is only confirmed when payment is received.
  3. Payment options: credit card, PayNow (accepted by this website upon checkout), cheque or cash in advance (official receipt will be issued.)
  4. Please fill in your name and contact details correctly and completely. 
  5. We need to confirm the FULL NAME, ADDRESS and PHONE NUMBER of the individual doing the qurban.


Please contact us if you need to check or enquire anything.

You can use the chat button to leave us an enquiry. Thanks!